The Bomb

Kevin Mullins

May 14th, 2010
The Lucy Parsons Center


  • Advance: $20
  • Door: $25
  • Student Rush: $10

Show Synopsis

As he lies in a Latin American city, dying of consumption, Rudolph Schnabelt confesses his involvement in the most notorious act in labor history, the bombing in Haymarket square. We hear about his coming to America, immigrant life in the slums of New York and Chicago, his involvement in the struggle for the eight-hour day, his conversion to anarchism, and the road that led him to throw the bomb that killed eight policemen, and send five of his comrades to their deaths. Dealing with issues that range from immigrant and workers rights, to anarchism and the question of militancy, The Bomb, takes a look at our own history and the origins of may day.

When & Where

Show Dates

May 14th, 2010


The Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA


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