Greenhouse Playlab

A Climate Change Theatre Incubator

May 4th - 31st, 2018
Multiple Venues


  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Includes MCA Facilities Fee
† Student ID Required

Show Synopsis

In collaboration with the Museum of Science, Flat Earth Theatre has commissioned several new plays from premier Boston playwrights, including MJ Halberstadt (The Launch PrizeThat Time the House Burned Down), Flat Earth co-founder Kevin Mullins (A Southern VictoryCitizens of the Empire: a Space Opera), Nina Louise Morrison (Born NakedGoogle Doll), and Francisca Da Silveira (Heritage Hill Naturals) that focus on issues of climate change. Over the course of Flat Earth Theatre's 2017 – 2018 season, the playwrights will be matched with climate change scientists and experts to study, learn, and understand the issues present in their plays.

The project culminates Friday, May 4 with an evening of excerpt readings of the finished plays for the public at the Museum of Science, followed by a conversation between the creative teams and experts to illuminate how artists and their work can contribute to the important conversation and debate around climate change advocacy and policy-making. Free public workshop performances of the new plays will be held throughout the month of May.

Pay No Worship

By Francisca Da Silveira
Directed by Tonasia Jones

Born and raised on Fogo, a tiny African Island, cousins Martin and Jose live at the base of a giant volcano and struggle to make a living in the precarious wine industry that has been the main source of their family's income for generations. While one refuses to give up on tradition and is content to continue living a simplistic rural life, the other longs for a visa to America in order to pursue a higher education. Both dreams and volcanoes are at risk of erupting as the cousins fight for opportunity, understanding, and their lives when a tropical storm headed toward the island threatens to destroy everything they know.

The Vault

By Nina Louise Morrison
Directed by Josh Glenn-Kayden

In the near future, in the northernmost town in the world, a lost tourist and a local baker find themselves inside a cave in a mountain of ice in the middle of the night. These two strangers play a game of cat and mouse as we realize that the world outside is at war, ravaged by climate change, and they are each bent on saving it in their own way. Inspired by the science of seed diversity, the Global Seed Bank, the Vavilov seed bank scientists who died of starvation to protect the seeds during the Nazi occupation of Leningrad, and predictions that climate change will eventually cause widespread food insecurity and war. The Vault asks what if the Seed Bank were threatened and needed to be protected, despite the facility not being designed to shelter human beings.

(We Are) The Antarcticans

By MJ Halberstadt
Directed by Noah Simes

A breakneck pageant of Antarctic history provides an irreverent introduction to the expeditions, discoveries, and politics that demarcate the world's least understood continent, and puts it on the map... for once.

The Aftermath of Chaos

By Kevin Mullins
Directed by Elizabeth Singer Goldman

December 2053. The United States is ripped apart by a second civil war. Toronto hosts a growing exiled community of Americans fleeing the fighting. On New Year's Eve, Alexis Wright, a former climate activist, tends to her rooftop garden, content to spend the rest of her life in exile. When two children of her former comrades knock on her door, Alexis is forced to come to grips with her past and is drawn back to the US to help make a better future. Switching between the American Southwest in the 2030s and Toronto in the 2050s, The Aftermath of Chaos asks the question of what will happen if we fail to stem the tide of climate change, and what acts are permitted in the name of a just cause.

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Show Dates

May 4th - 31st, 2018


Multiple Venues


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