X Alistair McDowall
November 1st - 16th, 2019
Mosesian Center for the Arts
  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Includes MCA Facilities Fee
† Student ID Required


  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Includes MCA Facilities Fee
† Student ID Required

On the dark, frigid wasteland of Pluto, a team of astronauts find themselves marooned and out of contact with Earth. With nothing to do but wait, the crew struggles to maintain their sanity as the very fabric of reality begins to unravel around them. Channeling sci-fi horror classics such as Alien, Event Horizon, and Sunshine, Alistair McDowall's groundbreaking play poses the question: Can you solve for X?

We participate in the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Universal Participation and EBT Card to Culture programs. Visit the MCC Website for more information. If you are a MA EBT card holder, we are pleased to offer $2 ($4 incl. fees) tickets to X. To unlock the discounted rate, enter the first six digits of your MA EBT card number into the promo code box when buying tickets.

Special Events

New Work / New Worlds: "Satellite Futures"

Presented by Flat Earth Theatre and Catalyze Playwriting Group

Flat Earth Theatre is taking the Catalyze playwrights along for the ride to Pluto when we launch X by Alistair McDowall this November! Before performances on Saturdays, November 2nd and 9th, join us for FREE readings of their interplanetary 10-minute plays inspired by this dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system.

Learn more about the plays and schedule!

Talkbacks with the Plutonians

All Channels Open!

Stick around after the performance for a talkback with the cast and staff on Sundays, November 3rd and 10th, moderated by X Dramaturg Dee Rogers. How did our stalwart astronauts survive the icy planetoid, and did they Solve For X?


When & Where

November 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Mosesian Center for the Arts

321 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA

Know Before You Go

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Content Advisory
X contains strong themes and imagery, including gore, that may not be suitable for all audiences. Patrons with sensitivity to psychological and physical violence may wish to review our detailed content advisories (contains spoilers) before purchasing tickets. This play is not suitable for young audiences.

Detailed Content Advisory

The following content advisories contain spoilers!

  • Graphic onstage suicide
  • Blood & gore
  • Body horror / mutilation
  • Serious illness / vomiting
  • Mental illness
  • Dissociation / reality distortion
  • Derogatory language / harassment / gendered and ableist slurs


Media & Links

  • Program (544kB)
  • Press Kit (1158kB)
  • The X Cast and Crew Are Blasting Off to Pluto
  • Video: X Interviews "X is about staring into the darkest places of humanity – of ourselves." -Lindsay Eagle
  • New Work / New Worlds: "Satellite Futures" Spend more time at the edge of the solar system with new 10-minute plays by the Catalyze Playwriting Group.
  • Leave Space For Space Horror on your Halloween Watch List Embark on our journey through the creepy cosmos for the rest of October with our Top 13 Space Horror Movies. Published on Medium.com
  • Review: New England Theatre Geek "Flat Earth’s production of Alistair McDowall’s X is a mind fuck. This psychological horror-ballet with dripping blood, broken minds, and sleep deprivation won’t let its audience get away with mindlessly consuming a performance. And then it pounds it into you so you never forget." -Kitty Drexel
  • Review: Boston Stage Notes "It’s the most fantastically muscular bit of direction that I’ve probably seen this year. One that manages to flex its strength without destroying the material in the process. It’s quiet and subtle when it needs to be, loud and raucous when the play cranks everything up to eleven. [Eagle] gets fantastic performances out of her team of actors, each grappling with their own spiral into madness." -James Wilkinson
  • Review: Boston and Beyond "Under the artfully gifted direction of award-winning Lindsay Eagle, she has taken the characters in Alistair McDowall’s groundbreaking Sci-Fi, psychodrama, and developed the personalities of each individual of the ... crew of an ill-fated mission to a space station on the planet Pluto." -Susan Mulford
  • Review: Theater Mirror "This is a production that could have easily gone off the rails, but Lindsay Eagle’s taut direction and solid performances by the cast keep it on track." -Mike Hoban
  • Review: Arts Fuse "... the director and cast rise to the out-of-this-world challenge. ... Meyer and Perron in particular bring welcome depth to their roles: their characters change from “crew member” cutouts to fully rendered human being who experience fear, pain, love, and even gentle laughter before the end." -Nate Beyer
  • Best of Boston 2019 - BostonStageNotes "Flat Earth’s X was another one of those full-throttle theater experiences that had me hooked. ... But the reason the show is on this list has to do with all of the careful detail put into the show leading up to the showstopper of a sequence." -James Wilkinson