Not Medea Allison Gregory
March 15th - 30th, 2019
Mosesian Center for the Arts
  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Plus Fees
† Student ID Required


  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Plus Fees
† Student ID Required

An exhausted mother just needs one night off and escapes to the sanctuary of the theatre – to find that the play being performed is the one she desperately can’t bear to watch. Straddling the worlds of myth, magic, and motherhood, Allison Gregory's Not Medea is a decidedly 21st century take on a millennia-old tale of betrayal, death, and unthinkable tragedy.

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This program is supported in part by a grant from the Watertown Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Join Us for Expert Talkbacks

Drink the Greek Mythology Kool-Aid: Sunday, March 24, 2pm: Join us for a panel discussion following the Sunday, March 24th matinee of Not Medea with special guests Patricia Johnson and Stephanie Nelson from the Boston University Classics Department. Dramaturg Betsy S. Goldman will moderate.


When & Where

March 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Mosesian Center for the Arts

321 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA

Know Before You Go

Sensory Warning
Strobe light effects are used to simulate lightning at multiple times during the play.
Content Warning
Not Medea includes candid discussions of sex and death that may not be appropriate for all audience members; audience discretion is advised.


Media & Links

  • Program (429kB)
  • Press Kit (1976kB)
  • Cast Announcement Meet the Actors who Are and Are Not Medea!
  • Wicked Local Watertown Interview: Juliet Bowler "Without giving too much away, I can say this woman turns the play into the play she needs it to be. It is definitely funny and definitely dark in places. It gets you thinking."
  • Review: Fine Things Are Difficult "I always think I have a handle on my thoughts about Medea. I mean, I’m supposed to be a content-expert on this play. ... Flat Earth’s Not Medea turned me inside out." -Meghan Kelly
  • Review: Boston and Beyond "Directed by Elizabeth Ramirez, Ms. Bowler gives an absolutely brilliant performance as she begins to usurp the play with her own stories including tales of losses she is forced to endure." -Susan Mulford
  • Review: Boston Arts Review "Gregory mounts an engaging comparison. More importantly, Flat Earth mounts a crackerjack production." -Beverly Creasey
  • Review: Dig Boston "Juliet Bowler is frequently remarkable, attacking the comic aspects of the role with a Melissa McCarthy-like deadpan that is riotous. But she also deftly brings to life a broken woman whose mistakes are eating her alive, and Not Medea is most successful when Bowler is all-in on either of those." -Christopher Ehlers
  • Review: Broadway World Boston "Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez directs with a clear-eyed vision of both the real world and allegorical components of the play, and elicits strong performances from her tight-knit ensemble." -Nancy Grossman
  • Review: WGBH News "A forceful and resonant performance from the deeply talented Juliet Bowler." -Jared Bowen
  • Review: Rabbit Reviews Boston "I think that any serious discussion of Flat Earth’s production of Not Medea has to begin with Juliet Bowler’s performance as The Woman. On a technical level, it’s impressive. ... But it’s more than that. Sitting in the audience, you get the sense that she’s managed to wrestle control of the play in a battle for domination." -James Wilkinson
  • Review: New England Theatre Geek "Bowler as the Woman and director Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez make remarkable choices in humanizing a character who’s not a clear-cut heroine." -Gillian Daniels
  • Review: Arts Fuse "Driven by a courageous, no-holds-barred lead performance from Bowler, the production generates compelling drama and comedy from its study of emotional trauma." -Erik Nikander
  • Review: Sleepless Critic "Not enough can be said about Juliet Bowler as Woman. She is a natural in this meaty and demanding role, navigating in a “show within a show” atmosphere." -Jeanne Denizard
  • Boston Globe Feature "In Flat Earth’s recent production of Allison Gregory’s “Not Medea’’ (2016), a haze of ambiguity surrounds a family tragedy involving a pediatric oncology nurse (Juliet Bowler, delivering a brave and intensely committed performance), but there is no mistaking her desire for vengeance on the narcissistic husband who has humiliated her by having an affair with a younger woman." -Don Aucoin
  • 2019 Elliot Norton Award Nominees • Nomination for Outstanding Actress (Small or Fringe Theatre): Juliet Bowler