A Bright Room Called Day

Tony Kushner

September 30th - October 14th, 2017
Mosesian Center for the Arts
  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Includes MCA Facilities Fee
† Student ID Required


  • General Admission: $25*
  • Student: $12.50*†
* Includes MCA Facilities Fee
† Student ID Required

Berlin, 1932. A group of bohemian friends struggle to respond as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rise to power. Watching their world unravel around them from the uncertain safety of Agnes Eggling’s apartment, these artists, activists, and idealists grapple with the responsibility of making moral choices in a time of vanishing options. Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as “unabashedly political, thought-provoking, and a little scary,” A Bright Room Called Day by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award–winning playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America) reverberates across time, from Germany’s Weimar Republic to contemporary America, posing timely questions about citizenship, resistance, and complicity.

The Cast and Crew would like to extend special thanks to Ross and Midge Benjamin, whose generous support helped make A Bright Room Called Day possible.

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September 2017
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Mosesian Center for the Arts

321 Arsenal Street
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Media & Links

  • Electronic Press Kit (2184kB)
  • Cast Announcement Meet the cast of A Bright Room Called Day
  • Projection Designer Interview "The presence each puppet had struck me as I worked with them. Even as objects, not yet animated, the way in which they could move gave them a gravitas I was not expecting. Further, the effectiveness of the acting they were each able to achieve reinforced my opinions about animation as performance." -Christine A. Banna
  • EDGE Boston Interview: Noah Simes "I think the fact that this play was written in the '80s about the '30s and feels so relevant today says something not only about the darkness of our current times, but also about the universality and truth at the heart of 'Bright Room.'"
  • Video: Dori A. Robinson and Lindsay Eagle Examining the Present Through the Example of the Past in A Bright Room Called Day
    "The story is relevant and poignant and provocative and timely, right now." -Dori A. Robinson
  • Video: Betsy S. Goldman and Noah Simes Gay and Queer Berlin in A Bright Room Called Day
    "And then you have, when Tony Kusnher's writing A Bright Room Called Day, the ache, the yearn for someone to be fighting." -Betsy S. Goldman
  • Review: Boston and Beyond "There is not a weak performer in the entire cast. The production is solid, soulful, smart, serious and incredibly insightful." -Susan Mulford
  • Review: Boston Globe "Flat Earth, an audacious and ambitious fringe theater troupe, brings its own all-out passion to the proceedings under the sharply incisive direction of Dori A. Robinson" -Don Aucoin
  • Review: Rabbit Reviews Boston "...it’s going to be hard for me to imagine any other production being able to top what Flat Earth Theatre has managed to do with Kushner’s text. Their production ... is one of the strongest arguments I have seen in recent memory for the use of theater as a political platform." -James Wilkinson
  • Review: WBUR The Artery "The cast members offer powerfully felt, nuanced performances, especially Finn, whose reading has a clean, specific, and hard-edged feel about it, and Bowler, who summons a deep and slightly jaded equanimity and melds it to her character’s unsentimentally clear-eyed perspective." -Kilian Melloy
  • Review: Broadway World Boston "Dori A. Robinson ... directs A Bright Room Called Day with a sure hand, drawing powerful performances from her ensemble and tightening the screws of the tension, turn by turn." -Nancy Grossman
  • Review: Arts Fuse "Flat Earth Theatre’s production has more than enough dramatic charge to light up the Mosesian Center’s Black Box – and to illuminate, at least for a couple of hours, the dark times we are living through today." -Ian Thal
  • Arts Fuse's Best Stage Productions of 2017 "In my review, I stated my admiration for the production that Dori A. Robinson directed ... both for its design sensibility and the stylized performances of the ensemble, who had clearly spent long hours in the rehearsal room working together." -Ian Thal
  • 22nd Annual IRNE Nominations • Nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Fringe: Nancy Finn