Terra Nova

Ted Tally

February 20th - 28th, 2015
The Arsenal Center for the Arts
  • Advance: $20
  • Door: $25
  • Student Rush: $10


  • Advance: $20
  • Door: $25
  • Student Rush: $10

Captain Robert Falcon Scott, famed English explorer, has driven his team to the bottom of the earth. Patriotism and confidence urge them achingly forward through nature's coldest, most inhospitable environment in a harrowing race to be the first in history to step foot on the South Pole. Crestfallen to discover that a rival expedition has preceded them there, the British team retreats into Antarctica's bone-chilling world of suffering and sacrifice. Scott's tragic quest of pride and folly tells a human story of those who brave the elements, the lives they leave behind, and the hubris that drives them to catastrophe.


When & Where

February 2015
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The Arsenal Center for the Arts

321 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA



Media & Links

  • Media Release (243kB)
  • Cast Announcement Meet the cast of Terra Nova
  • Celebrating Ten Plays: Interview with Jake Scaltreto "This is not a play about dates, names, or even places; it’s about human beings who took risks, made mistakes, and suffered unspeakable loss. Tally’s writing allows us to see these characters as real people, and to connect emotionally with their struggles."
  • Review: On Boston Stages "Terra Nova will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, even with the final outcome never in doubt. You’ll feel admiration, inspiration from their fearlessness, courage and determination, and finally horror and disgust at what ends up being a senseless loss of life." -Rich Fahey
  • Review: Boston Arts Review "Director Jake Scaltreto gets lovely ensemble work from his cast. Each man in Scott’s expedition is fully drawn so that we feel we know them individually." -Beverly Creasey
  • Review: EDGE, Boston "Director Jake Scaltetro skillfully oversees Chiampa's performance, which preserves Scott's romanticism while also accommodating the doubts, and growing unease and even guilt, that accompany the expedition's slow-motion failure." -Kilian Melloy
  • Review: MyTheatre "This is not just the best Flat Earth Theatre show I’ve ever seen: this is one of the best fringe productions I have ever attended, ever." -Fabiana Cabral
  • Review: New England Theatre Geek "Chiampa [led] the cast and the performance with majesty and prowess. It was as if he were pulling the production by a silver leash that the audience was at the end of." -Kitty Drexel
  • Review: Theater Mirror "Director Jake Scaltreto, his exemplary cast and crew outdid themselves in recreating a tragic moment in time and the era of extraordinary exploration." -Sheila Barth
  • Review: White Rhino Report "Director Jake Scaltreto led a very capable crew of actors in telling this story in a most convincing and chilling manner." -Al Chase
  • 2015 ArtsImpulse Theatre Award Nominees • Nomination for Best Ensemble in a Play: Terra Nova
  • 2015 MyTheatre Awards Nominees • Nomination for Best Lighting Design: Chris Bocchiaro
    • Nomination for Best Sound Design: Brad Smith
    • Nomination for Best Costume Design: Coriana Hunt Swartz
    • Nomination for Best Ensemble: Terra Nova
    • Nomination for Best Actor: Chris Chiampa
    • Nomination for Best Actress: Kamela Dolinova
    • Nomination for Best Director: Jake Scaltreto
    • Nomination for Best Production: Terra Nova
  • 20th Annual IRNE Nominations • Nomination for Best Lighting Design: Chris Bocchiaro
    • Nomination for Best Sound Design: Brad Smith
  • MyTheatre Awards Nominee Interview Series: Brad Smith "Fortunately the director, Jake Scaltreto, really wanted to treat the wind like a character in its own right, and gave me a lot of creative control over providing it with a full range of 'voices.'"
  • MyTheatre Awards Nominee Interview Series: Kamela Dolinova "I could tell that this was a company that was serious and committed to what it was doing, and that each member gave everything they had – which was a lot! – to make these little-theatre productions as big as possible."
  • MyTheatre Awards Nominee Interview Series: Chris Chiampa "There was a lot of joking in the rehearsal process about how the Scott of the play does genuinely seem to think that “good old-fashioned British gumption” would see him and his men through. ... It is the 'Because it’s THERE' mentality in its purest form, and I think, on some level, that’s something a lot of folks can naturally root for."
  • MyTheatre Awards Nominee Interview Series: Matt Arnold "The best ensembles are the ones where there isn’t a hierarchy based on number of lines or the significance of a role, but rather every member of the cast is bringing something unique to the table and giving just as much of themselves as everyone else."
  • MyTheatre Awards Nominee Interview Series: Jake Scaltreto "It’s very easy to paint Scott as a hero who died in the honorable pursuit of scientific discovery, but the reality is far more nuanced than that. Robert Scott was his own worst enemy, and I think Tally does a fantastic job of presenting him as such."
  • MyTheatre Awards Nominee Interview Series: Coriana Hunt Swartz "...I want the costuming narrative to support the audience in making the subconscious connections that will deepen their understanding of the central questions of the show."
  • 2015 MyTheatre Award Winners • Winner for Best Director: Jake Scaltreto
    • Winner for Best Production: Terra Nova