Audition Information

Auditions for The Nether by Jennifer Haley

Please note that auditions Thursday evening, March 22nd, have been moved to the Church of the Good Shepherd, 9 Russell Avenue, Watertown. Thank you.

Flat Earth Theatre seeks an ensemble of five emotionally and intellectually courageous actors for their summer production of The Nether by Jennifer Haley, directed by IRNE Award winner Sarah Gazdowicz. A small stipend for cast members will be offered.

Show Summary:

The Nether is an immersive online wonderland where anything is possible. The mysterious “Papa” holds court in his virtual garden, a sensory utopia where patrons may indulge their darkest fantasies under digital anonymity and without real-world consequences. But when Detective Morris investigates Papa’s dealings, she uncovers a series of darkly unsettling acts which throw morality, the law, and human nature itself into question. Hailed by The Independent as “a gripping and deeply disconcerting look at the Internet and its role in one of the most disturbing issues of our time,” Jennifer Haley’s science fiction crime drama The Nether tackles the impact of technology on human relationships, identity, and desire.

Show Info:

  • Performance Dates - June 8–23, 2018 (potential for extension through June 30)
  • Performance Location - The Mosesian Center for the Arts, 321 Arsenal Street, Watertown.
  • Rehearsal Details - All rehearsals prior to tech week will be held at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 9 Russell Ave., Watertown. Rehearsals aim to start on or near April 12th. Expect to rehearse about 3 times per week on evenings and weekends.

Audition Info

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 22nd, 2018. Callbacks will be held on Saturday, March 24th, 2:00pm–6:00pm.

The following half-hour audition slots are available:

  • Tuesday, 3/20 7:00pm (FULL)
  • Tuesday, 3/20 7:30pm (FULL)
  • Tuesday, 3/20 8:00pm (FULL)
  • Tuesday, 3/20 8:30pm (FULL)
  • Tuesday, 3/20 9:00pm
  • Tuesday, 3/20 9:30pm
  • Thursday, 3/22 7:00pm (FULL)
  • Thursday, 3/22 7:30pm (FULL)
  • Thursday, 3/22 8:00pm (FULL)
  • Thursday, 3/22 8:30pm
  • Thursday, 3/22 9:00pm
  • Thursday, 3/22 9:30pm

To request an audition slot, please email your headshot and résumé and your top two preferred audition times to [email protected]. Auditions will consist of monologues and scenes from the script, which will be e-mailed to you in advance. Callbacks will include sides from the play.

Note from the Director and Content Warning:

The Nether is a play about identity, our human desire for connection and deep need to be loved. It is also a play that deals directly with the difficult issues of pedophilia and violence towards children. It is recommended that potential auditioners learn more about the play’s content before auditioning. Copies of the script will be available at auditions.

Character Descriptions

  • MORRIS (F/NB – late 20’s to 40’s) – a young detective. Capable, good at hiding their hand, driven by genuine concern and alarm.
  • SIMS/‘PAPA’ (M – late 30’s to 50’s) – a successful businessman. Ingenious, resolute and charismatic.
  • DOYLE (M/NB – 40’s to 60’s) – a science teacher. Intelligent and vulnerable with many secrets.
  • WOODNUT (M – late 20’s to 30’s) – a fresh-faced guest of the hideaway
  • IRIS* (F – 16 to 25) – a shining little girl between the ages of 9 and 11.

*Please note: due to the nature of the role, the role of Iris has been precast for this production